Zagaia at Icast 2014

The international career of Zagaia began in 2007, when it was acquired by Hi-Lures do Brasil. With this, the company founded in 1983, went through a rigorous automation process, with the implantation of new industrial facilities, acquisition of the latest machines, and qualification of specialized labor.


Such factors were crucial in the development of our products, as well as the recognition of the quality at international level.

Since then, seven years of great changes has passed, having has a positive result the participation in the greatest fishing fair of the world – ICAST 2014 in Florida, USA.

In the three days of the fair in which we participate, we faced a market totally facing the fishing sector, more than 400 exhibitors, and many partners, nearly 13,000 fishing professionals seeking new products and suppliers.

And very proudly we from Zagaia Lures modestly went there for the first time, representing Brazil and our fishing industry!

We attended people from all over the world interested in knowing our work, and in some cases, to our surprise, they even knew the name our lures… that was really cool!

Yes, we show that we are able to make products that compete with large established brands in the international market.

Yes, we can !!!

E, vocês, nossos clientes do Brasil, fiquem tranquilos, pois a Zagaia continua a oferecer suas iscas artificiais em solo nacional, porque nosso melhor público e crítica vêm daqui, onde tudo começou.

And you, our customers in Brazil, rest assured, because Zagaia continues to offer its lures on home soil, because our best public and critics come from here, where it all began.

By Marcel Spedo

zagaiaZagaia at Icast 2014