Seven arrested for overfishing in Aquidauna (MS)

Amateur fishermen are caught with more than 200kg of fish in Aquidauna River.

Seven fishermen were arrested during the inspection of the Environmental Police of Mato Grosso do Sul, at Aquidauna River, last Friday, 5. They were transporting 212kg of fish of various species, including dourado, pacu, piraputanga, and piauçu.

According to the Environmental Police, among the 212kg there was 120kg of pacu cut in pieces, separated into 1kg packages, and these were fish out of permitted size. Two 100 liters coolers and six rods with reels were also confiscated.

Were arrested: a retired man, a business manager and a civil servant, all of them residents in Primavera (São Paulo); a business administrator, resident in São Paulo (São Paulo); a tradesman, residing in Nova Londrina (Paraná) and a salesman and an entrepreneur, residents in Salvador (Bahia).

The fishermen were sent along with the confiscated material to the Civil Police Station of Aquidauna, where they were booked as caught in the act by environmental crime of overfishing. If sentenced they may get penalty of one to three years in prison. Each one was fined in R$6.240.

The fish will be donated to charities.


zagaiaSeven arrested for overfishing in Aquidauna (MS)