Porquê pescar faz bem à saúde

Why fishing is good for health

Only those who fish knows how much it is good for health. It is no accident that someone created the phrase “Are you stressed? Go fishing! “. Fishing is a sport that puts us in direct contact with nature, and waiting for the fish to bite the bait makes us attentive, taking out the negative thoughts of our head.
In this posts we will list the benefits that fishing brings to us, both for physical and for psychological. Keep up!

When we prepare our stuff, we have to think if everything is right. The conditions of each equipment, which has to be taken to the fishing, how it will be placed in bags and boxes, etc. This exercise the concentration and oxygenates the brain.

To go out fishing, whether near or far from home, take us from the routine and this is a good example of how to reduce stress.

Fishing is done directly in nature, even in artificial ponds, and contact with cleaner air helps strengthen the lungs. Not to mention the sound of water, that leave us completely restful.

Depending on the fishing spot we have to walk and carry the stuff, forcing the body to exercise.

It’s hard to see someone fishing alone, right? And living with others relieves stress and makes we exchange experiences. So we can learn new things that makes the brain function and also vent to eliminate the negative charge.

When we are waiting for the fish bite the bait, we concentrated on the minimum line movements, floats, rods and even on the water. The concentration takes our focus on the problems we face, and also helps to find solutions for them.

During the fight with the fish, adrenaline increases, and this hormone has many benefits as it prepares the body to great efforts, stimulates the heart, activates the brain and makes you think faster and gives extra strength to the muscles. But we have to be careful because too much adrenaline can be unhealthy.

All hooked fish is an achievement, and achievements increase our self-esteem.

If you have the chance to teach someone to fish, enjoy it, because when we teach our brain goes into healthy activity. And when we see that the result of teaching was helpful, we become happy and satisfied.

During all-day rush and stress is always good to remember that there is fishing to distract us because it refreshes the mind and gives us motivation to continue the day with more confidence.

Fishing is also an opportunity to make new friends, and socialization is important to keep us mentally balanced.

Last but not least, enjoy fishing with the family. Maintaining a pleasant relationship with the family only brings joy.

In short, fishing is healthy, a lot! So on your next fishing, remember that beyond fun, you’re taking care of your body and mind.

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