Fishing onboard: Sickness and prevention

Fishing is great, unless you’re the type who often gets sick. If you suffer from the so-called “sea sickness” or, if it is unsafe to accept that invitation from your …

zagaiaFishing onboard: Sickness and prevention

Seven arrested for overfishing in Aquidauna (MS)

Amateur fishermen are caught with more than 200kg of fish in Aquidauna River. Seven fishermen were arrested during the inspection of the Environmental Police of Mato Grosso do Sul, at …

zagaiaSeven arrested for overfishing in Aquidauna (MS)

10 movies about fishing

Fishing was one of the first activities of man, as a way to obtain food. Today fishing is an important economic activity, in industrial-scale, for subsistence or even as leisure …

zagaia10 movies about fishing