Fishing onboard: Sickness and prevention

Fishing is great, unless you’re the type who often gets sick. If you suffer from the so-called “sea sickness” or, if it is unsafe to accept that invitation from your fishing friend for an adventure at the sea, read our special tips to face the challenge and do well…

By: Flávio Zabala

The boat fishing, in my view, is one of the things that all human beings should do at least once in a lifetime. That’s right: at least once.
When speaking about boat fishing in the sea, you always hear: “And we don’t get sick” or “Holy! Never more!“,” I went one time, and I never felt so sick in my life”. Well, when you have that kind of comment usually nobody comments about the beer or the “feijoada” from the previous day (Feijoada is a typical Brazilian dish made with black beans and pork, including tail, ear, tongue, feet, etc). Overeating in boat fisihng in a bay, river or open water should be avoided especially if you are a first timer, since getting sick in the open sea is not pleasant and can even be traumatic.
For this reason, I decided to write these few lines and comment on what can be done to mitigate or even prevent sickness or malaise.
Why do people get “sea sick”? That is the right question… Some people are more susceptible to sickness.

How do I know if I’m one of those people?
Good! The first step is easy. If you read when the car or bus is in motion, and not feel any unpleasant feeling, it’s a start.
Sickness occurs when the eyes tell the brain that we are standing, but the stomach and ears tell that we are moving, this is equal to a short circuit in the brain!!! So if you look at the boat, the eyes say you are stopped, but the stomach and the labyrinth of the ear continue to move.
To not get sick, move around, look at everything and observe the motion tracking and understanding, in other words, explain to your brain that there is a movement. Nobody sickens swimming because the body and the brain know they are all swinging.

Fixing the view on a point on the horizon helps avoinding motion sickness at sea.

To you, first-timer, to succeed here are some tips:

– Avoid fatty foods, at least 12 hours before boarding, discontinue the mocotó and the rib, eat grilled meat and abuse on salads and fruit, avoiding banana because it is acidic and heavy and can be a trigger to start your malaise (Mocotó is another typical Brazilian dish made with the marrow form the pig’s knee).

– Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body.
If you can, do not drink anything that has alcohol until you are sure that you will not get sick.

– In your first fishing trip, avoid fishing aboard at night in the open sea. If this is unavoidable, try to stay in well-sheltered waters.

– Take a good breakfast without exaggeration. Remember: avoid fats. The ideal breakfast would be tea (preferably black tea), toast and / or biscuits (like crackers) with jam. Empty stomach and boat does not mix well.

– – Always take crackers with you, and whenever you can, take a little rest and eat one or two crackers or cookies (not filled because the filling is hydrogenated vegetable fat)..

– Avoid places with strong smell like diesel, and stay away from the bathroom. .

Another crucial point is the time to put the bait, or worse, mount the whip on the boat. Always take all the fishing stuff ready or almost ready. Remember to NOT look at a fixed point inside the boat. Always look on the horizon to show the brain that yes, there is movement. Fixed points outside the boat are excellent: islands, coast or even nearby vessels are a good reference.

There are several medicines to prevent motion sickness or even to control it, but I rather not to mention any by not being a doctor. If you want to take medicine, I suggest you consulting a doctor.

I hope these tips help you fishers to avoid motion sickness. I believe that only ten percent of humans have problems with motion sickness due to boat fishing. The rest is due to overeating. If not, there wouldn’t be so many boats and fishermen who invite you to undertake this adventure.

I assure you that boat fishing is a contact and a single moment with nature and with your friends. Be it at a bay, open ocean or deep sea, each has its beauty and its fishes, but only those who have been in the blue sea knows what is a natural aquarium.

Remember it:
“There are three kinds of people: the living, the dead and the seasick” – Anarcarsus, 600 BC


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