10 movies about fishing

Fishing was one of the first activities of man, as a way to obtain food.
Today fishing is an important economic activity, in industrial-scale, for subsistence or even as leisure or sport.
This list brings 10 films on the subject, with various types of fishing, from the traditional ones to the sport fishing.

1. On Golden Pond
An elderly couple – Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn – receives a visit from their daughter – Jane Fonda – for her dad’s birthday in his country house. The daughter comes with her fiancé and his teenage son, and she leaves the boy for her parents to take care, so she can travel throughout Europe. The boy doesn’t like the idea and his relationship with the old man gets hard. Until they decide to go fishing on the lake in front of the house, in search of a huge fish that lives there. Fishing together creates union between them and serves as a lesson for both. A beautiful drama of 1981, winner of three Oscars: actor, actress and screenplay.

2. Alamar
A five years boy, son of a father of Mayan origin and Italian mother, comes out with his father on a fishing trip on the open sea to the Chincorro Banks in Mexico. A rare film. With just one HD camera and an audio operatoro, film director Pedro González-Rubio fluently depicts the relationship of father and son with the nature and the customs of their ancestors in fishing. Beautiful images and true emotions.

3. A River Runs Through It
Tthe story of two brothers – Brad Pitt and Craig Sheffer – children of a Reverend from the interior of Montana in the early twentieth century, which have little in common besides a love of fly fishing in the beautiful streams in the region. Deserved Oscar for best cinematography for Philippe Rousselot, a beautiful movie directed by Robert Redford.

4. The Perfect Storm
George Clooney is the captain of a fishing vessel that in the summer of 1991 went to an area of fishing in the North Atlantic and got caught by a rare and immense storm. Based on real events and characters, the Wolfgang Petersen’s movie is distressful and impressive.

5. The Old Man and the Sea
In the Sea of Cuba, an old fisherman – Spencer Tracy – is on a bad luck, with 84 days without catching a single fish and his pupil is forced by their parents to change to another boat, where already in the first week he hooked three good fishes. At day 85, the old fisherman alone catches a huge marlin of over 700kg, that drags his boat out to sea. A classic from 1958, based on the masterpiece by Ernest Hemingway.

6. Moby Dick
Another literary classic – this one from Herman Melville – transposed several times to the movies, but the 1956 version, directed by John Huston with screenplay by Ray Bradbury is the definitive one. It tells the story ofthe captain from a whaling ship obsessed with capturing a great white whale that one day attacked and defaced him. In his insane quest, he endangers the crew, and they riot. A powerful film to date!

7. Jaws
When a huge shark starts attacking swimmers on a crowded beach, the police chief, a scientist and an old sailor go out to hunting it. The first major production of Steven Spielberg, with remarkable soundtrack by John Williams. An excellent thriller that marked a generation.

8. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Ewan McGregor is a scientist specializing in fish, which is scaled by the British government to meet the desire of a sheik to populate the rivers of desert Yemen with salmon, so they could be caught there, an unlikely mission in which he is accompanied by a financial consultant – Emily Blunt – for who he will eventually fall in love. A nice romantic comedy.

9 Alamo Bay
In a fishing town in the Gulf of Texas, local fishermen get in disagreement with a major supplier of shrimp that hired Vietnamese workers, provoking racial hatred, starting with one of the leaders of the fishermen – Ed Harris – veteran of the Vietnam War. A good movie directed by Louis Malle.

10. The Cove
A shocking Oscar winning documentar. It is about a group of activists who investigates a community of Japanese fishermen, dedicated to hunt dolphins, killing about 23,000 of them every year. The movie caused protests in Japan not by poaching, but for denounce it.

Honorable mentions: Caiçara, Snow Falling on Cedars, Captains Courageous, Grumpy Old Men, The Shipping News, Gone Fishin’

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